I have contributed couple illustrations to Studio On Fire's annual calendar 2023. As with every calendar, there are 6 different artists contributes their artwork which makes each artist creates the illustrations for two of the months.

The package turns into the stand which were foil-stamped and produced in-house at Studio On Fire. The months & wrap were letterpress-printed, trimmed and hand-assembled with the stands.
The cover art was designed by Studio On Fire using all the elements from all the illustrations that were contributed. 
2023 calendar's theme was 'BFF' (Best Friends Forever)
My process of designing started thinking of what are the things I love to do with my BFFs, and what makes us BFF?
LOL with BFF
Best Friends forever laughs together forever - at the dumb parody songs they write, jokes they make, weird dance they do, and all the silly things they finds in their lives together. BFFs gets goofy together and that's the best part! For May calendar I illustrated these whimsical BFFs of a silly frog and a fuzzy cat, holding matching flowers and in matching polkadot. These guys are definitely goofy, and definitely BFF!

Friendships get better when eating donuts together
For November calendar, I illustrated a still life that is specially dedicated to my BFF who I always have donuts together. Two sprinkle donuts. Apple and pear. Simple and perfect little table setting for a couple of BFFs. Yellow roses are symbols of friendship.

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