My illustration has turned into a jigsaw puzzle at EEBOO PIECE&LOVE
This illustration was inspired by at-home family gatherings I missed during quarantine. Lots of silly animals, cakes, decorations and patterns. Hope you enjoy all of the details ! 

This family dinner party has the most intriguing guests—children, adults, and animals—all eating, singing, and enjoying one another’s company. All are welcome! Pull a chair up to the table and celebrate with this colorful and whimsical risograph-style illustration. Observe the bass-playing crocodile on the mezzanine, the mice watching the festivities from the bookshelf, and the little animals lying in wait under the table. It will be a night to remember. Illustrated by the Japanese artist Asahi Nagata.
"I am ecstatic to return to dinner parties. This puzzle floods with me joy thinking about everyone I love enjoying a meal together."
An extended family gathering deserves a festive feast;
Today’s is very special, an EVENT, to say the least!
The table’s strewn with cakes and fruits, baked goodies by the score,
And Frog and Pig are carrying a tray, with even more!

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