This illustration was inspired by at-home family gatherings we missed during quarantine. Lots of silly animals, cakes, decorations and patterns. Hope you enjoy all of the details! 

This family dinner party has the most intriguing guests—children, adults, and animals—all eating, singing, and enjoying one another’s company. All are welcome! Pull a chair up to the table and celebrate with this colorful and whimsical risograph-style illustration. Observe the bass-playing crocodile on the mezzanine, the mice watching the festivities from the bookshelf, and the little animals lying in wait under the table. It will be a night to remember. Illustrated by the Japanese artist Asahi Nagata. (From EeBoo website)​​​​​​​
"Asahi Nagata’s art is an absolute delight and there’s just something so charming about this whole whimsical scene she’s depicted. The vibrant colours, the festive figures and all the fun little details to discover make this puzzle so exciting to do!" - Liz, EeBoo Sales Associate
Along with the puzzle I also designed the limited edition tote bag which was made of light-weight canvas with multi-colored screen printed design. 

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